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Sweeney (Hydrotight) Turning Tools Sweeney turning tools are a popular product for our customers in aviation inspection and Maintenance.. Product #: SweeneyTT

Sweeney (Hydrotight) Turning Tools

Product Code: SweeneyTT
Call for Price: (815) 477-8800

JME Technologies supplies the complete borescope tooling system with the inclusion of the proper engine approved turning tool.  We are offering the complete system integration borescope-turning tool.

Our Turning tools are approved in the AMM manual on most major aircraft engines worldwide. Digital and pneumatic turning tools for use during borescope inspections.

JME Technologies turning tools are designed to improve the efficiency of aircraft engine borescope inspection by automating the process of rotor shaft positioning.

Call JME Technologies to match your engine with the correct adaptors.

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Phone: (815) 477-8800
Fax: (815) 477-8804


  • Reduced manpower eliminates the need for an additional person to hand crank the engine
  • Reduced inspection time, automatic vs. manual.
  • Improved Quality of borescope inspection.
  • Easily relocate damaged blades.
  • Electronically stored inspection reports 
  • Printer interface via serial communications port 
  • Electronics that can be easily updated in the field 
  • Easily adapted to various engines.
  • Power unit will accept shop or aircraft electrical supply voltage (
  • Uses standard shop air 
  • Quick installation and hook-up.
  • These tools can be operated by a single person

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